Narrangi support Vocal for local

# vocal for local

We are proud disciples of be Vocal for Local and would love the opportunity to offer you with our elegantly handwoven & thoughtfully designed products like clothing,

Home decor supporting the # Indian heritage.World is going through very hard time, specially India which have observed world’s longest lock down in the history till date.

It is a major setback to the economy.

It is feasible only when we will support our only local & swadishi products. Let’s appreciate our local brands let’s take a pride in purchasing our local products let’s make our local brands global.

At Naarangi We bring you the finest handloom textiles directly from weavers of central India, Our aim is to provide our customers with a unique expression of regional tradition (each saree is only woven once)

While helping to provide sustainable employment of hundreds of weavers across the subcontinent.

Let’s make “ Vocal for local” and celebrate the spirit of India.

We at ‘The Naarangi’ support the handlooms, handicraft product across India with the majority of our products being

vocal for local

#handwoven & supporting the local artisans.

we provide the specialty of our state & we are proud to be Indian. When you are purchasing handloom, handicraft product, you are purchasing a small part of an artist’s Heart.

Handmade in India is an initiative of the govt of India stating a requirement to market vocal for local. Make in india is far quite an inspiring slogan.

On the Appeal of Hon. prime minister Narendra Modi Ji, Celebrities took to social media promoting the message of “vocal for local”.

The message promotes and celebrates handmade products to inspire the country choose clothing made by Indian brands of Naarangi.

Also highlight India’s hand loom industry.

Blog by : Sunita Kabra