World is going through very tough time, specially India which have observed world’s longest lock down in the history till date. It is a major setback to the economy. But we Indians have always been a fighter and stood together hand in hand whenever we faced such kind of miss happenings. Sooner or later we will overcome this pandemic but we have to now make serious efforts to bring our economy right on track. It is possible only when we will support our local and indigenous products. Let’s appreciate our local brands let’s take a pride in purchasing our local products let’s make our local brands global. By doing this you are not only contributing to the Indian economy but you are celebrating the Indian artisans and craftsmen.

At Naarangi We bring you the finest handloom textiles directly from weavers of central India,

Our aim is to provide our customers with a unique expression of regional tradition (each saree is only woven once) while helping to provide sustainable employment of hundreds of weavers across the subcontint.

Let’s make ” local ko vocal” and celebrate the spirit of India.

Blog by : Bhanu Priya Gour Maheshwari