Importance of saree in india, Women regularly wear underclothes of a half-slip tied round the waist and a decent blouse or breast-wrap that ends slightly below the bust, which give the idea for wrapping the material of the sari.

In Fact our childhood, we all know what is the importance of saree in india, “SAREE” very well, as an all time desired female dress. It does not need an introduction. An ethical, but particularly common women’s attire, from ancient times to the present. Starting from a traditional outfit, to a journey of a glamorous party dress.

There are many various sorts of wrapping the sari, and these vary consistent with gender, region, class , ethnic background, & private style.

Many men wear saris that only cover the lower half their bodies.

Our saree may be a gift of pure Hindu tradition. Saree always features a pallu (Free end of a saree, normally worn over the shoulder and head).

Benefits of saree

Women never let it fall from their head, and if it does fall, it remains draped round the shoulder. Women fasten the pallu to the waist and obtain involved in their work.

After the daughter’s marriage, the daddy requests the bridegroom’s parents – ‘Accept my daughter in your pallu’.

Western Outfits like jeans, T-shirt, chudidar, salwar-kurta, became an inseparable a part of this day Hindu woman’s lifestyle.

Maheshwari saree

Any Outfit  unknowingly influences the attitude of the wearer. The prevalent rajasik-tamasik attire like chudidar, jeans, etc. make a lady impulsive and inclined towards worldly pleasures.

Again, sattvik attire like the six-yard or a nine-yard saree, make a lady virtuous and Dharma-abiding.

Blog by : Sunita Kabra