Indian fabrics with modern styles

When it comes to Indian fabrics with modern styles , there are plenty of them available. Most of them are famous as per region and have folklore attached to it. These fabrics have their unique regional flavour to them. With changing times, these textiles have also tweaked their ways. While weavers maintain the traditional ways of weaving them, there are a lot of designers that design interesting patterns. So here is how you can stylise your outfits and get the best of both the worlds, traditional and modern.

1. Stoles are amazing:

This is probably the simplest way of blending traditional fabrics with modern styles. Stoles come in a variety of shapes, prints, colours and fabrics. They also serve a variety of purposes and can be called as a multi-utility piece of cloth. You could use it on jeans or compliment it with your favourite kurta. It goes really well with tops, tees and shirts as well. One can choose a silk or a crocheted stole for the chilly weather or a Chanderi and cotton one for the hot summers.    

2. Stitch it well:

Here comes the time-consuming yet result-driven part. What you need to do is pick a traditional fabric like Chanderi or Maheshwari of your choice and also a modern design like a dress, shirt or pant. Then simply brief the seamstress about the same and wait for the amazing apparel to get stitched. This might consume time to develop and envision the right design. Surely, they are the talk of the fashion industry where designers play with the bright designs, patterns and qualities of the fabric.

3. Accessories it up:

With time and increasing specificity, the jewellery sector has also diversified. Today, modern jewellery is not only limited to traditional wear but is also developed for work and modern outfits. So if you have picked a traditional fabric for the day, add that contemporary look with interesting pieces of jewellery. This will definitely enliven the traditional outfit with some refreshing modern style.

4. Get interesting combinations:

Matching up your kurta with a smart-looking culotte is something worth trying or you could team your Chanderi pants with a formal shirt. These interesting combinations ensure that you truly get the best of both the worlds-comfort and style in the same dress. A heavily embellished skirt out of rich Indian textile like Maheshwari with your favourite shirt could also work the same way.

5. Six yards of grace:

Sarees are an evergreen attire that has undergone myriads of experiments. No matter how the fashion industry grows, saree is something that will continue to adorn Indian women and their beauty. You can also get designer saree that makes use of traditional Indian fabric like Chanderi or Maheshwari and tweak it in modern style. There are designer blouses and sarees that transform the simple six yards of fabric in the most innovative way possible.

So try one or all such ways to move ahead of your time and grace the traditional Indian fabrics with contemporary designs. Try any of these and flaunt your modern avatar in your day to day life.