Saree is the traditional Indian clothing which is a staple in many cultures of the country. Even though there is no denial of its beauty, it can be boring and complicated to put on for the modern woman. That is why we have compiled 5 ways to drape a saree that are interesting and not too difficult to wear so that you are not deprived of feeling beautiful in a fabulous saree.

1. Pants and Chants

Add a pump of panache to your saree by wearing it over some pants! It looks unique and is even easier than the day-to-day saree. You can even try a kamarband instead of a belt to tip the look towards a traditional side. Wear a simple one to a brunch or a heavier one to a wedding ceremony. You are sure to stand out with an outfit like this one.

2. Mermaid Style

If an ethnic mermaid is your aesthetic, then try this style for an upcoming event. It is flowy and spread-out at the bottom and form-fitting, curvaceous down the waist. It looks beautiful with a side-bun in your hair to through off the symmetry of the saree. A mermaid style works best with a soft and flexible material to hug your curves.

3. A Dhoti Wrap

If you want to turn heads at a wedding, look quirky yet classy, then this saree is a must-try for you. The look and feel of this style are festive and fun with a tinge of culture. This style works the best with a saree that has a structure and the material is on the stiffer side. Add a chunky bracelet and hair accessories to add even more quirk to the look.

4. The Mumtaz Drape

Go retro with this look that Mumtaz wore in the movie Ram and Shyam. Any saree with a defined border and flowy material would work. It has 3 horizontal layers visible and a defined, curvy shape. The Mumtaz drape looks ravishing on all body types. Put on dramatic eyeliner and put your hair in a high bun to really get in the retro spirit. Make it a Halloween outfit or a themed party or just rock this look during an engagement or haldi-mehendi event.

5. The Lehenga Way

Why spend thousands on a new lehenga when you can just style one of your sarees, (or your mom’s) into a stunning outfit? Drape your saree the Lehenga way and put a Gajra in your neat hairstyle. Keep the lips simple and the eyes smokey to go perfectly with this style.

Use safety pins and saree pins generously if you’re someone who rarely wears a saree. It will make you feel confident and secure. Play with the above looks and find one that suits you. And don’t forget to shine on!